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At Dispatch Services Inc. (DSI), we specialize in elevating the logistics experience for owner operators, independent truckers, and transport carriers across the continental U.S. and Canada

Load Finding

Leverage our extensive network to find the best loads from boards, brokers, and direct customers.

Carrier Setup

Effortlessly set up with DSI through a simple form. We handle all paperwork for seamless broker and customer connections.

Driver Handling

Our experienced dispatchers ensure you’re always on the move, fully loaded, and efficiently managed.

About Us

Designed to Keep YouMoving and Earning

At Dispatch Services Inc. (DSI), we specialize in elevating the logistics experience for owner operators, independent truckers, and transport carriers across the continental U.S. and North America.

We Offer Stress-Free Dispatching. Find More Loads, Get Paid Faster. You Drive, We Deliver Results.

Empowering Your Journey on Every Mile

Why Choose DSI ?

Customized Dispatch for Trucks

When you become a DSI family member, our team takes special care of your paperwork, preferences, goals and capacity choosing the best way to boost your business.

Dedicated Assistance

Once you’re set up with our company, you’ll get your personal dispatcher who’s going to plan your routes from A to Z. Our specialist will come to your assistance at any time of the day or night until the job is done.

Best Possible Rates

Our freight dispatchers grab a load based only on your preferences. Negotiating with brockers, our team will get you the best rates and schedule your trips as far ahead as possible.

Set-Up Paperwork

When you confirm that you are happy with our dispatching services, your dispatcher takes care of all the nacessary paperwork for you to be focused only on the road.

Streamlined Payments

When the load is delivered to the final destination, your personal truck dispatcher collect and submits all the paperwork to brokers and factoring companies portals for you to get your money asap and enjoy your time off.

End-To-End Support

In case of any disputes or conflicts with brockers/shippers/receivers/factoring and insurance companies, our truck dispatch company is always ready to help you out with making a well wighted decision.

24x7 Support

DSI providing 24/7 support, We are available at any time of the day or night to assist our customers with any issues or inquiries they may have. It shows a commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures that help is always accessible whenever it’s needed.

Track and Trace

DSI offers Track and Trace services that are used to monitor and follow the movement of goods or shipments from one point to another. They provide real-time visibility into the location and status of items in transit. It allows our customers or individuals to track their shipments, monitor their progress, and receive updates on their whereabouts throughout the delivery process. This can be highly valuable for logistics, supply chain management, and ensuring timely and efficient delivery of goods.

Bookkeeping & accounting

DSI offers bookkeeping and accounting services, Bookkeeping involves tasks such as recording financial transactions, reconciling bank statements, managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, and maintaining financial records. On the other hand, Accounting involves more complex tasks such as financial analysis, budgeting, tax preparation, and financial reporting. It provides accurate and up-to-date financial information to support decision-making and ensure compliance with financial regulations.

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Your Success is Our Mission

DSI is more than a dispatch service; we’re your in-house team dedicated to ensuring your truck is always loaded, and your operations are smooth throughout the year. Operating from Columbus, OH, and serving all 48 states, we’re committed to enabling you to focus on driving, assured that a professional team is finding you the best loads around the clock.

Our Testimonial

What Our Customers Say About Us Excellence

Discover the success stories of our satisfied clients who have transformed their trucking journeys with Dispatch Services Inc.

John D.

Partnering with Dispatch Services Inc. has been a game-changer for my trucking business. Their commitment to securing top-paying loads has significantly increased my earnings, and the personalized support from my dedicated dispatcher has made navigating logistics smoother than ever. DSI isn’t just a service; they’re a vital part of my team.

John D.

Independent Trucker

Lisa M.

Since I started working with DSI, I've seen a dramatic shift in how my operation runs. No more wasted time chasing after loads or dealing with paperwork. DSI handles everything, allowing me to focus on driving and growing my business. Their promise of no forced dispatch and keeping 100% of the payload is real. I couldn’t be happier!

Lisa M.

Owner Operator

Alex F.

Dispatch Services Inc. stands out for their exceptional service and understanding of the trucking industry’s nuances. Their expert team has ensured our trucks are continuously moving with profitable loads. The efficiency and reliability DSI brings to our operations have been instrumental in our fleet's growth and success. They truly are the best dispatch partner we've had.

Alex F.

Fleet Owner

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